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  1. 228600914400airmailMF Tells a Story (26.2.11)<br />Motherfucker what did you say to me?<br />I told you to come here but you went away<br />I push…
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  • 1. 228600914400airmailMF Tells a Story (26.2.11)<br />Motherfucker what did you say to me?<br />I told you to come here but you went away<br />I push and I push and I push you so far<br />And you scream and you cry and you take it so bad<br />I know me and I know you<br />I know what I want and I know what I can do<br />And I laugh now LOUD that I don’t know what’s there<br />In my face everyday<br />I am loving the fantasy<br />I am trapped in its grip<br />And you snapped me out of it<br />With a fail safe kick<br />And I laugh and I laugh<br />And I think you are mad<br />And I hide the shame <br />In my bottle<br />And I close my eyes<br />And the tears really came<br />Who’d though that I’d do that again?<br />Hey motherfucker<br />Won’t you take a risk?<br />Won’t you do it again?<br />Won’t you see someone who can?<br />Tell you about it again<br />Do you need help? Do you need a friend?<br />Do you think I care? Do you think I pretend?<br />Hey listen now<br />Shall I use your name?<br />Shall I type it again?<br />“What the hell is wrong with you?:<br />What a laugh!<br />I’m a lowlife creep and I deserve what’s coming!<br />It’s right in my face <br />And I can’t hear a thing<br />People’s mouths move but are they speaking?<br />I’m lost in my game and you’ve<br />Woken me up<br />You stupid motherfucker<br />I’m all outta luck<br />Why didn’t you let me pretend?<br />Let me hang<br />Let me go on with my<br />Fake <br />Fake <br />Friend.<br />Impulsive (26.2.11)<br />I’m not sure who said what<br />Memory tricks me when I let it<br />Perhaps I didn’t see it coming<br />Unless it was already there<br />‘Listen’ she said<br />She said ‘you’re like a child’<br />I’ve got no retort for that<br />Vaguely I will try to stop<br />Except I can’t <br />Where do you live now? (26.2.11)<br />This is the closest I have come to writing about you <br />Since you were gone<br />From me<br />And yet<br />I won’t say more that that<br />You are gone from me <br />And I’m not ready yet<br />To let it out<br />To think about<br />To contemplate<br />To write it all<br />This is addressed to you<br />But that’s all<br />
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