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  As airlines cut back on flights and people carry on more baggage due to the charges imposed on checked baggage, it’s more important than ever that we remind ourselves that we are only one person on a flight of many. It would help all of us to cope better if we acted with courtesy and respect toward our fellow passengers and the crew. Take this quiz to find out your airline etiquette knowledge.
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  • 1.   1       Airline  Passenger  Etiquette:     As  security  lines  get  longer,  airlines  cut  back  on  flights  and  impose  charges  on  checked  baggage,   people  carry  on  more  baggage  on  their  flights.  Now  more  than  ever,  it’s  more  important  that   we  remind  ourselves  that  we  are  only  one  person  on  a  flight  of  many.  It  would  help  all  of  us  to   cope  better  if  we  acted  with  courtesy  and  respect  toward  our  fellow  passengers  and  the  crew.   Take  the  quiz  below  to  rate  your  Airline  Etiquette:     1. When  I  am  getting  ready  to  go  to  the  airport,  I  dress  to  expedite  the  security  process.   Yes/No   2. While  boarding  and  seated  before  takeoff,  I  speak  softly  on  my  phone.  Yes/No   3. When  I  am  asked  to,  I  turn  off  electronic  devices,  including  cell  phones.  Yes/No   4. I  clean  my  food  tray  before  folding  it  up.  Yes/No   5. As  I  walk  down  the  aisle,  I  am  careful  with  my  carry-­‐on  baggage,  to  make  sure  it  does   not  strike  anyone,.  Yes/No   6. If  my  bag  does  not  immediately  fit  in  the  overhead  compartment,  I  step  into  my  row  and   consider  another  solution  to  not  hold  up  the  line.  Yes/No   7. When  I  get  up  from  or  return  to  my  seat,  I  refrain  from  grabbing  the  seat  in  front  of  me.   Yes/No   8. If  I  am  too  large  to  fit  in  one  seat,  I  purchase  two  seats.  Yes/No   9.  If  you  smoke,  please  recognize  that  the  smoke  residue  stays  on  you  and  you  bring  that   on  the  plane  with  you.  I  use  a  wet  wipe  or  wet  paper  towel  to  wipe  off  my  hair   and  clothes  to  remove  smoke  residue.  Yes/No   10. I  make  sure  my  neighbors  cannot  hear  my  head  phone  volume.  Yes/No   11. I  refrain  from  putting  my  feet  on  the  seat  back  in  front  of  me  or  on  the  wall  of  the   bulkhead.    Yes/No   12. When  I  recline  my  seat  all  the  way  back,  I  let  the  person  behind  me  know  before  I  push   it  all  the  way  back.  Yes/No   2450  Louisiana,  Ste  400-­‐416,  Houston,  TX,  77006   P:  (713)  963-­‐8800  |  Email:  |  Privacy  Policy    
  • 2.   2     13.  Generally,  it  is  not  appropriate  to  climb  over  people  to  get  to  the  aisle.  When  I  am   sitting  in  the  aisle  seat  and  decide  to  sleep,  I  make  sure  to  let  the  people  in  the  middle   and  window  seats  know  that  it  is  okay  to  wake  me  up  or  climb  over  me  (if  that  is  my   preference)  if  they  need  to  get  out.  Yes/No   14. As  many  people  have  allergies  and  as  a  common  courtesy  to  all,     1. I  wear  a  limited  amount  of  fragrance.    Yes/No   2. If  I  am  a  smoker,  I  use  a  wet  wipe  or  wet  paper  towel  to  wipe  off  my  hair   and  clothes  to  remove  smoke  residue.  Yes/No   3. I  am  careful  with  food  I  bring  on  board,  especially  nuts  or  other  common   allergens.  Yes/No     4. When  I  travel  with  a  pet,  I  make  sure  he/she  stays  in  the  carry-­‐on  at  all  times.   Yes/No   15. If  I  snore,  I  bring  the  remedy  with  me  (if  possible).  Yes/No   16. When  babies  fly,  they  may  cry.  Typically,  it  is  because  the  pressure  in  their  ears  becomes   uncomfortable.  Adults  know  how  to  equalize  the  pressure…swallowing,  holding  the   nose  closed  and  pushing  air  out;  but  babies  do  not  know  that.  I  am  an  understanding   passenger  and  refrain  from  glaring  or  making  sarcastic  comments  or  facial  expressions?   Yes/No   17. I  refrain  from  drinking  excessively  before  my  flight.  Yes/No   18. I  refrain  from  drinking  excessively  on  my  flight.    Yes/No   19. I  wait  for  the  signal  from  the  flight  attendant  (usually  the  fasten  seat  belt  sign  is  turned   off)  before  getting  up  from  my  seat  after  the  plane  lands.  Yes/No   20. I  am  careful  when  opening  the  overhead  compartments  and  removing  my  luggage.   Yes/No   21. I  wait  for  the  rows  ahead  of  me  to  clear  before  moving  my  way  toward  the  exit?  Yes/No   2450  Louisiana,  Ste  400-­‐416,  Houston,  TX,  77006   P:  (713)  963-­‐8800  |  Email:  |  Privacy  Policy    
  • 3.   3       22. When  boarding,  I  wait  until  my  group  is  called  rather  than  standing  in  the  middle  of  the   process  and  blocking  those  trying  to  get  on  Yes/No   23.  If  I  have  two  items,  I  put  1  under  the  seat  unless  there  is  plenty  of  bin  space  Yes/No   24.  If  I’m  traveling  with  someone  and  need  to  change  seats,  I  sit  in  my  assigned  seat  first   then  ask  the  person  in  the  seat  I  want  to  switch  to  for  permission.  Yes/No     Rate  yourself!   How  Many  times  did  you  say  YES?     1-­‐6:  Take  an  etiquette  class!  Remember  that  when  you  are  traveling,  so  is  everyone  around   you.  Be  courteous  of  their  time  and  space,  whether  it’s  at  the  security  line  or  getting  off  of  the   plane.       7-­‐14:  You’ve  got  an  okay  idea  of  airline  and  travel  etiquette,  but  there  are  still  a  couple  of   things  you  could  work  on!    Take  an  etiquette  refresher  course!     15-­‐21:  You’ve  got  a  good  idea  of  airline  and  travel  etiquette,  but  there  are  still  a  couple  of   things  you  could  work  on!  Buy  an  etiquette  book  to  scan  through!     22-­‐28:  You  have  the  right  idea!  The  people  you  travel  with  are  lucky  that  you  have  such  a  good   understanding  of  airline  and  travel  etiquette.  Sounds  like  you  listened  in  your  etiquette  class.               About  is  the  leading  global  network  of  people,  products  and  services  that  deliver  legal,   safety  and  security  solutions  to  the  hospitality  industry.,  in  coordination  with  the  Greater  Houston  Convention  &  Visitors  Bureau,  is   hosting  the  Global  Congress  on  Travel  to  facilitate  the  delivery  of  safe,  secure  and  uninterrupted  travel   via  an  all-­‐encompassing  public-­‐private  dialogue  dedicated  to  the  sharing  of  best  practices  for  issues   faced  by  the  global  travel,  tourism,  and  hospitality  industries.  To  learn  more  about  the  Global  Congress   click  here..   2450  Louisiana,  Ste  400-­‐416,  Houston,  TX,  77006   P:  (713)  963-­‐8800  |  Email:  |  Privacy  Policy    
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