Airless tyres - Non pneumatic tyres

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  The wheel is probably the most important mechanical invention of all time. The wheel has been continuously driving our civilisation like a catalyst in a chemical reaction. Nearly every machine built since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution involves a single basic principle embodied in one of the mankind’s truly significant inventions. Tyre is a hoop that covers a wheel, around the wheel rim to protect it and enabling better vehicle performance by providing a flexible cushion that absorbs shock while keeping the wheel in close contact with the ground. Creating a new non-pneumatic design for tyres has more positive implications than one might think. For one thing, there are huge safety benefits. Having an airless tyre means there is no possibility of a blowout, which, in turn, means the number of highway accidents will but cut significantly. Even for situations such as Humvees in the military, utilising non-pneumatic tyres has a great positive impact on safety. Tyres are the weak point in military vehicles and are often targeted with explosives. If these vehicles used airless tyres, this would no longer be a concern. There is also an environmental benefit to using this type of tyre. Since they never go flat and can be retreaded, airless tyres will not have to be thrown away and replaced nearly as often as pneumatic tyres. This will cut down landfill mass significantly. Because of the benefits, I believe that it is extremely important that research and production of airless tyres are continued and increased. This type of innovation works well in conjunction with several engineering codes of ethics, and thus should be embraced by engineers everywhere. Cars are things that people use every day, so any improvements over existing designs would affect the lives of the majority of people. Learning about such a topic, therefore, I believe holds extreme value- especially for us freshmen engineering students. In doing research for these kinds of topics that hold significant meaning, we can see that what we will do can make a difference.
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  • 1. Non Pneumatic Tyres AIRLESS TYRES Presenter: Anindya Singh Auto extremists
  • 2. INTRODUCTION • Tyre is a rubber member which gives the cushion to the automobile. It consists of outer cover i.e. tyre proper and tube inside. • The tyre-tube assembly is mounted over the wheel rim and air inside the tube carries entire load and provides cushion.
  • 3. FUNCTIONS • To support the vehicle load. • To provide cushion against the shocks. • To transmit driving and braking forces to the road. • To provide grip for smooth steering.
  • 4. TYPES OF TYRES 1. Tubed tyre 2. Tubeless tyres
  • 6. WHAT IS AIRLESS TYRES? • Airless Tyres or Non Pneumatic Tyres (NTP) are the tyres which are not supported by air pressure. Tread Flexible Spokes
  • 7. HOW IT WORKS? The Flexible treads and the shear band deforms temporarily as the spokes bend, then quickly go back to the initial shape.
  • 8. DESIGN APPROACH  NASA’s Apollo Lunar Rover  Bridgestone Air-Free Tyre Concept
  • 9. DESIGN APPROACH  Michelin Tweel  Resilient Technologies
  • 10. DESIGN APPROACH  Hankook I-Flex Tyres
  • 11. ADVANTAGES • No air leaks or tyre blow outs. • Consistent economy and handling. • No maintenance needed. • Lengthened tread life. • Facilitate recycling. • Less environmental impact. • Can take gunfire or explosion. • Tread incorporated with water evacuation holes significantly reduce hydroplaning.
  • 12. DISADVANTAGES • Lack of adjustability • Not as economic as pneumatic tires • Vibrations
  • 13. CONCLUSION • The wheel is probably the most important mechanical invention of all time. The wheel has been continuously driving our civilization like a catalyst in a chemical reaction. • This new technology will increase the safety of cars as well as have a positive impact environmentally.
  • 14. THANK YOU! 
  • 15. Anindya Singh
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