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  Airium International Investment Overview - June 2015
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  • 1. Company Overview June 2015 T a i l o r e d C l o u d B a s e d H o t e l M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n s B o u t i q u e Ÿ B l u e t o o t h E n a b l e d Ÿ B u d g e t E f f i c i e n t
  • 2. Airium |   Airium International: Comprehensive, cloud-based hotel software tools 2 Cloud-­‐based  solu-on  that  manages  hotel  opera-ons     anywhere,  any+me,  on  essen-ally  any  device         Real-­‐+me  access  to  virtual  data  storage  -­‐  emphasizing   accessibility,  flexibility  and  convenience       Cost  effec+ve  -­‐  flexible  modular  system  with  a  fee   structure  favouring  opera-ng  versus  capital  expenditure     Energy  efficient  pla>orm  –  layers  on  top  of  exis-ng   hardware  and  network  with  minimal  added  requirements  
  • 3. Airium |   The Airium Advantage 3 Cost-­‐Effec+ve,  Full-­‐Spectrum  Solu+on   Airium  is  an  end-­‐to-­‐end  cloud-­‐based  hotel  management  solu-on  that  is   compe--vely  priced  and  easy  to  implement   Real  Time  Yield  Enhancement   Airium  enables  clients  to  update  hotel  room  rates  real  -me,  based  on  demand   and  maximizing  revenue     Extensive  Usage  Modules     The  Airium  modules  include  reserva-ons,  property  management,  a  booking   engine  and  mobile  access     Suits  All  Sizes  of  Hotels   Airium  can  meet  the  needs  of  all  hotels  segments,  from  bou-ques,  to  mid-­‐size   and  large  hotel  
  • 4. Airium |   Airium is positioned to grow in a high potential and proven market 4 An  investment  with  Airium  is  par+cipa+on  in  an  early-­‐stage   growth  company  with  exis+ng  sales  trac+on   By  2018   •  1,400  hotels   •  1,500,000  rooms  night/ year   Today   •  270  hotels     •  496,000  rooms  night/ year  
  • 5. Airium |   Airium aligns with an advantageous industry opportunity 5 * Source: Capterra •  Commercial  hotel  business   is  very  large  and  generates   in  excess  of  $6  billion  in   rooms  revenue*     •  Majority  of  hotel  growth  is   coming  from  Asia  and   South  America*   Global  Hotel  Growth   •  Technology  underserved  segments:     Economy,  Midscale  and  Bou-que  hotels   •  High-­‐growth  regions   Airium  pursues  two  key  growth  opportuni-es,   aggressively  targe-ng:  
  • 6. Airium |   Introducing Airium: An end-to-end cloud-based hotel management solution 6 PROPERTY  MANAGEMENT  ENGINE   •  Front  Desk   •  Housekeeping   •  Cashiering/Point  of  Sale   •  Reports   •  Accoun-ng/Inventory  *   (op-onal)     Airium.PME CENTRAL  RESERVATION  SYSTEM   Airium.CRS •  Reserva-ons   •  Rates  and  Contracts   Management   •  Marke-ng  and  CRM   •  Reports   •  Channel  Manager  *   INTERNET  BOOKING  ENGINE   Airium.IBE •  Reserva-ons   •  Payment  Gateway   •  Loyalty  
  • 7. Airium |   Airium Hospitality Suite line-up offers management of all key activities 7 IBECRSPME PROPERTY  MANAGEMENT  ENGINE   Front  Desk   Reports   Housekeeping   •  Manage  reserva-ons  with  minimum  hassle     •  Expedite  check-­‐ins  and  check-­‐outs   •  Improve  staff  produc-vity     •  Add  flexibility  to  day-­‐to-­‐day  opera-ons   •  Add  convenience  with  versa-le  billing  features:       room  extras  charges  ●  adjustments  ●  encashment  ●  split  billing  ●  early  se^lement  ●  check-­‐out  
  • 8. Airium |   8 IBECRSPME Marke-ng  &  CRM   Contracts  /  Rates  Mgt   Airium  CRS  offers  business  flows  for:     •  Reserva-ons     •  Contracts  &  Rate  Management     •  Marke-ng     •  Customer  Rela-onship  Management     •  Travel  Agent  Management   •  Performance  Analysis   CENTRAL  RESERVATION  SYSTEM   Airium Hospitality Suite line-up offers management of all key activities
  • 9. Airium |   9 IBECRSPME INTERNET  BOOKING  ENGINE   Reserva-ons   Payment    gateway  Loyalty   •  Convert  corporate  website  into  a  24/7  reserva-on  centre  and  increase  sales   •  Ac-vate  a  loyalty  program  that  makes  visitors  come  back   •  Enable  online  visitors  to  custom  build  travel  i-neraries  across  a  single  chain  of  hotels,  owned   hotels  or  combined  with  other  affiliated  hotels   Airium Hospitality Suite line-up offers management of all key activities
  • 10. Airium |   10 Airium Leisure – Centralized Rental System Bluetooth Door Kit Allows patrons to open their hotel room door with a mobile smart phone via Bluetooth Connection Allows hotels to manage and maintain third party product inventory for ancillary services such as jet skis, bicycles, spa appointments Airium enhances user and client experience by integrating with latest technology Full page passport scanner with OCR Software library and SDK Provides greater speed and security
  • 11. Airium |   Airium Light, our boutique offering, is a fully customizable, modular hotel management system that meets the needs of small/independent hotels in a no-frills solution. Airium Light allows hotels an “a la carte” service to chose any of the Airium features that suit their needs. 11 For maximum flexibility, Airium Light offers a la carte service Client  selects  modules,  tailoring  package  to  needs  and  budget:  
  • 12. Airium |   To deepen access to new customers, Airium Gateway to be rolled out globally 12 Sales  growth  strategy   •  Currently  available  in  Asia   Pacific,  Airium’s  booking   engine  is  planned  to  expand  to   a  global  pla>orm  in  2015     •  Rela-onships  with  hotel   groups  are  being  cul-vated  for   sales  growth  beyond  Asia   Pacific   •  New  sales  teams  will  focus  on   developing  channels  in  the     Americas  
  • 13. Airium |   Current top ten hospitality property management software 13 23.7   5.8   4.8   2.7   2.3   in  thousands   VENDOR   CUSTOMERS   USERS   SOCIAL  
  • 14. Airium |   Airium offers the most features versus top competitors Descrip+on   Airium   Micros   MSI   HoteLogix   Cloud  Based   Ease  of  Implementa+on   Pay  based  on  Occupancy   24/7  Support   Mobile  Accessible   Restaurant  Management   Light  Version   Leisure  Rentals   Scanner   Blue  Tooth  Door  Opener   14
  • 15. Airium |   Airium’s competitive advantages create traction with an underserved market 15 •  variable  pricing   •  cloud-­‐based  structure     versus     compe-tor’s  high  fixed-­‐ price,  server-­‐based   solu-ons   Dual  Compe--ve   Advantages   Effec+ve  solu+on  for  technology-­‐ underserved  segments:   •  Economy   •  Midscale   •  Bou3que   •  Upscale   •  Luxury   •  Extended  Stay     Well-­‐Posi-oned  to  Target  An   Underserved  Market   Hotel   industry   segments  
  • 16. Airium |   Directors and Advisory Board provide deep insight into strategic direction for Airium 16 BARNEY  PELL  –  VICE-­‐CHAIRMAN   BOARD  MEMBER   Mr. Pell has a long history as a leading technology innovator, product visionary, entrepreneur, and angel investor. He has active investor, board member, and advisory roles with multiple start-up companies and non-profits across a variety of industries. Mr. Smith is a seasoned technology business partner and advisory board member, including a twenty year role on the Kennedy board of Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprises, the Kennedy family investment office. He has been extensively involved in education, politics and non-profit arenas. STEPHEN  KENNEDY  SMITH   BOARD  MEMBER   Mr. Woodley is a recognized professional with a 30-year career, predominantly in the international business community. He has held senior positions in a number of Fortune 500 companies where he has held regional and global responsibilities for operations and client delivery. Mr. Woodley held key leadership roles at Citigroup, JP Morgan and currently at ATB, where he made significant strategic and operational impacts. IAN  WOODLEY  –  ADVISORY  BOARD  MEMBER   Mr. Furlane brings over 30 years of specialty technology experience. He is considered to be one of the leaders in this industry as a result of his successful business experience, his companies’ technological innovation, and his international scope. GRANT  FURLANE  –  CHAIRMAN     BOARD  MEMBER   LUCE  VEILLEUX   BOARD  MEMBER   Ms. Veilleux’s career as a senior financial services executive has been distinguished by breakthrough initiatives in payments, automotive lending, and database marketing. She has sat on boards and acted as an advisor in the entrepreneurial space for Yellow Pepper, MoPals, and MarsDD. See Appendix for full biographies
  • 17. Airium |   Experienced team of successful entrepreneurs and industry specialists at Airium’s helm 17 SENIOR  VP   PAUL GLAVINE Paul Glavine is a serial entrepreneur and is recognized as one of the up and coming young entrepreneurs in Canada. PRESIDENT    &  CEO   LUCE VEILLEUX Luce Veilleux’s career as a senior financial services executive has been distinguished by breakthrough initiatives in payments, automotive lending, and database marketing. IRINA ZUSMANOV Irina Zusmanov brings marketing experience with a strong focus in the digital sector. DIRECTOR  OF  MARKETING  &  TECH.  SUPPORT   NAWODA HERATH With a wealth of experience in Information Technology and a specialty in business and systems analysis, Nawoda Herath contributes significant subject matter expertise to the team. HEAD  OF  OPERATIONS  -­‐  ASIA  PACIFIC   XENOS WAHID Xenos Wahid is a results-oriented marketing professional who brings over 15 years of experience, including 10 years of management experience. HEAD  OF  SALES  –  ASIA  PACIFIC     NATALIE BISSET Natalie Bisset is a deeply experienced professional growing businesses including raising capital and debt for rapidly growing organizations. VP  BUSINESS  DEVELOPMENT   CATHY-ANN SHIM Cathy-Ann is an accounting professional with a track record of excellence managing and performing accounting functions in fast-paced environments. CFO    
  • 18. Airium |   An established platform with opportunity for further international growth Airium  Interna-onal,  headquartered  in  Toronto,  Canada  provides  cloud  based  IT  solu-ons  for  hotels  in   all  segment  categories.  Airium  is  the  spin  off  of  the  hotel  management  division  of  John  Keells,  the   largest  conglomerate  in  Sri  Lanka.   The  company  has  been  in  opera-on  for  the  last  year,  with  35  hotel  chains  and  270  hotels  as  ac-ve   clients.  Airium  combines  the  best  elements  of  hotel  management,  from  booking  engines,  reserva-on   systems,  property  management  systems  as  well  as  innova-ons  such  as  Bluetooth  door  kits  and  leisure   rentals.   The  company  is  led  by  an   experienced  team  of  highly   successful  entrepreneurs  and   industry  specialists  with  proven   track  records  of  growing   businesses.  The  company  has   assembled  a  highly  dis-nguished   group  of  successful  influencers  on   its  board  of  directors.   18
  • 19. T a i l o r e d C l o u d B a s e d H o t e l M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n s B o u t i q u e | B l u e t o o t h E n a b l e d | B u d g e t E f f i c i e n t
  • 20. APPENDIX A: Board of Directors and Advisory Board Biographies
  • 21. Airium |   CHAIRMAN   Mr.  Furlane  brings  30  years  of  technology  experience  specializing  in  the  Transporta-on,  Network  Security,  and  Parking   industries.  He  has  been  involved  in  over  500  million  dollars  in  Technology  investments  and  was  contracted  to  lead  the   ini-a-ves  of  several  large  public  IT  companies.  He  aggressively  built  three  transporta-on  technology  companies  that   established  the  vanguard  for  tracking  and  monitoring  vehicle  movement.  His  companies  developed  and  sold  integrated   control  systems  for  major  airports,  hospitals  and  parking  lot  management  companies.  Mr.  Furlane  is  Co-­‐Founder  and   Chief  Execu-ve  Officer  of  LocoMobi,  a  cloud  based  provider  of  product  and  services  in  the  parking  and  transporta-on   industry  as  well  as  mobile  payments.   A  former  President  of  the  Canadian  Parking  Associa-on,  Mr.  Furlane  served  as  Co-­‐Chairman  of  the  first  World   Symposium  on  Intelligent  Transporta-on  Systems,  an  interna-onal  symposium  a^ended  by  delegates  represen-ng  50   countries.  As  a  result  of  his  successful  business  experience,  his  companies’  technological  innova-on,  and  his   interna-onal  scope,  Mr.  Furlane  is  considered  to  be  one  of  the  leaders  in  this  industry.  Mr.  Furlane  served  as  Chairman   to  the  Neurological  Hospitals  Centers  for  Ability,  and  the  Board  of  Governors  of  Ontario  Junior  A  Hockey,  and  has   investments  in  the  Entertainment  and  Sports  industries.   Board of Directors: Grant Furlane 21
  • 22. Airium |   VICE  CHAIRMAN   Mr.  Pell  has  a  long  history  as  a  leading  technology  innovator,  product  visionary,  entrepreneur,  and  angel  investor.  He   was  an  Entrepreneur-­‐in-­‐Residence  at  Mayfield,  a  top  venture  capital  firm,  which  he  leq  to  become  Founder  and  CEO  of   Powerset.  In  2008  Microsoq  acquired  Powerset  to  help  create  its  new  search  engine,  Bing,  and  Barney  then  served   Microsoq  as  Search  Strategist  and  Evangelist  and,  later,  as  leader  of  Local  Search  at  Bing.  Earlier  in  his  career  Barney   managed  advanced  soqware  technologies  at  NASA,  including  mission  cri-cal  soqware  for  the  Mars  Explora-on  Rovers   mission,  and  the  development  of  the  Remote  Agent,  the  first  AI  system  to  fly  onboard  and  control  a  deep  space  probe.   Barney  has  ac-ve  investor,  board  member,  and  advisory  roles  with  mul-ple  start-­‐up  companies  and  non-­‐profits  across   a  variety  of  industries,  and  has  been  involved  with  a  number  of  start-­‐ups,  several  of  which  have  been  acquired  by   leading  Internet  companies.  Barney  is  Co-­‐Founder,  Chairman  and  Chief  Strategy  Officer  of  LocoMobi,  a  cloud  based   provider  of  product  and  services  in  the  parking  and  transporta-on  industry,  as  well  as  mobile  payments.  He  is  Co-­‐ Founder,  Vice  Chairman  and  Chief  Strategy  Officer  of  Moon  Express,  a  private  company  building  autonomous  robo-c   lunar  landers,  and  is  also  Associate  Founder  and  Trustee  of  Singularity  University.  Barney  received  his  Ph.D.  in  computer   science  from  Cambridge  University,  where  he  was  a  Marshall  Scholar,  and  his  B.S.  degree  in  symbolic  systems  from   Stanford  University,  where  he  graduated  Phi  Beta  Kappa  and  was  a  Na-onal  Merit  Scholar.  He  is  a  frequent  speaker  at   conferences  and  universi-es.   Board of Directors: Barney Pell 22
  • 23. Airium |   Stephen  Kennedy  Smith  received  his  B.A  from  Harvard  University,  J.D.  from  Columbia  University,  and  M.Ed.  from   Harvard  University  School  of  Educa-on.  Aqer  law  school,  Mr.  Smith  served  as  an  assistant  district  a^orney  in  New  York.   He  later  joined  the  staff  of  the  Senate  Judiciary  and  Foreign  Rela-ons  Commi^ees.  Aqer  leaving  the  Senate,  Mr.  Smith   worked  at  Conflict  Management  Group;  a  non-­‐profit  associated  with  Harvard  Law  School,  and  taught  in  the  advanced   program  on  nego-a-on  at  Harvard  University  Law  School.  As  part  of  his  work  at  Conflict  Management,  Mr.  Smith   consulted  with  global  clients  including  the  Organiza-on  of  African  Unity,  the  World  Bank,  the  Inter-­‐American   Development  Bank  and  the  par-es  in  the  Irish  Peace  process.  Mr.  Smith  is  a  three-­‐-me  recipient  of  the  Danforth  Award   for  excellence  in  teaching  at  Harvard  University  and  is  also  the  winner  of  the  Lyndehurst  Founda-on  Prize  for  social  and   ar-s-c  achievement.   For  the  past  twenty  years,  Mr.  Smith  has  been  on  the  Kennedy  board  of  Joseph  P.  Kennedy  Enterprises,  the  Kennedy   family  investment  office.  He  has  delivered  keynote  presenta-ons  at  the  annual  conferences  of  the  Family  Firm  Ins-tute   and  the  Family  Office  Exchange–  the  two  major  family  business  organiza-ons.  He  has  also  served  on  the  board  of  the   John  F.  Kennedy  Library,  the  Robert  F.  Kennedy  Memorial,  Ci-zens  Energy,  the  Northeastern  University  School  of  Public   Policy,  and  INCAE  Business  School  and  the  advisory  board  of  the  Joslin  Diabetes  Center  at  Harvard  Medical  School.  He  is   a  Fellow  at  the  Interna-onal  Economic  Alliance,  an  organiza-on  dedicated  to  promo-ng  innova-ve  interna-onal  trade.   As  a  partner  and  advisory  board  member,  Mr.  Smith  is  ac-vely  involved  in  a  number  of  medical  and  green  technology   businesses,  including  Emlink,  which  develops,  designs  and  manages  sustainable  technology;  The  Marwood  Group,  a   healthcare-­‐focused  strategic  advisory  and  financial  services  firm;  and  Pear  Therapeu-cs,  a  medical  soqware  company.   Mr.  Smith  was  Deputy  Campaign  Manager  for  Senator  Edward  Kennedy  during  his  Presiden-al  and  Senatorial   campaigns,  Youth  Coordinator  for  the  campaign  of  Mario  Cuomo,  served  on  the  New  England  Steering  Commi^ee  for   the  Obama  presiden-al  campaign,  and  con-nues  to  be  ac-ve  in  Democra-c  poli-cs.   23 Board of Directors: Stephen Kennedy Smith
  • 24. Airium |   PRESIDENT    &  CEO   Luce  Veilleux’s  career  as  a  senior  financial  services  execu-ve  has  been  dis-nguished  by  breakthrough  ini-a-ves  in   payments,  automo-ve  lending,  and  database  marke-ng.  As  SVP  of  Retail  Products  at  Sco-abank  Interna-onal,  she   launched  the  first  mobile  wallet  in  the  Americas,  Tcho  Tcho  Mobile,  which  was  publicly  acclaimed  by  Bill  Clinton;  it  won   the  Bill  Gates  Founda-on  Award,  among  other  global  accolades.  She  par-cipated  in  more  than  20  due  diligences,   resul-ng  in  the  acquisi-on  of  11  different  banks  in  La-n  America  and  Asia,  and  launched  a  new  automo-ve  lending   model  for  La-n  America.     While   CMO   at   Aeroplan,   Ms.   Veilleux   renego-ated   the   CIBC   co-­‐brand   card   contract,   resul-ng   in   an   incremental   $100MM  annual  revenue  and  $1.3B  over  the  life  of  the  agreement.    She  ushered  in  the  era  of  big  data  at  RBC  while   heading  the  cards  and  marke-ng  divisions,  and  launched  Avion,  Canada’s  leading  credit  card.       Most  recently,  she  has  sat  on  boards  and  acted  as  an  advisor  in  the  entrepreneurial  space  for  Yellow  Pepper,  MoPals,   and   MarsDD.   She   is   a   past   member   of   the   boards   of   the   The   Children’s   Aid   Founda-on,   Sco-abank   Chile,   the   MasterCard  La-n  American  Advisory  and  the  Canadian  Marke-ng  Associa-on.  Ms.  Veilleux  holds  an  MBA  from  the   University  of  Western  Ontario  and  a  Bachelor  of  Commerce  from  McGill  University.  She  has  three  children  and  is  fluent   in  English,  French  and  Spanish.   24 Board of Directors: Luce Veilleux
  • 25. Airium |www.airi
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