Air Pollution

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  1. WELCOME  Presentation by:- Rashmi.R(PGS14RHS0486) Ashwini.R(PGS14RHS0 Jr.MHSc 2. INTRODUCTION  Air pollution may be defined as that quantity of…
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  • 1. WELCOME  Presentation by:- Rashmi.R(PGS14RHS0486) Ashwini.R(PGS14RHS0 Jr.MHSc
  • 2. INTRODUCTION  Air pollution may be defined as that quantity of pollutants which is sufficient to cause injury to human beings and other living creatures and damage the objects.  Air pollution can be categorized into two groups first kind of air pollutants are released into atmosphere from specific source and the second type of pollutants result from chemical changes that take place in the atmosphere.
  • 3. MAJOR AIR POLLUTANTS In atmospher e Solid liquid Gaseous forms
  • 4. Examples for air borne contaminants Dust Fumes Droplet s Of Mist Gases Vapours Cement Iron Oxide Sulphuric Acid Sulphur Dioxide Gasoline Coal Zinc Oxide Chromic Acid Nitrogen Oxide Tricolreth ylene Ores Lead Oxide Oil Carbon Monoxide Perchloret hylene Grains - Greece Hydrogen Sulphide Toluene Rock Saw - Paint Chlorine Stylene
  • 5. CAUSES OF AIR POLLUTION  Urbanization.  Industrialization.  Motorization.  Nuclear production.  Energy production from thermal plants.  Burning of domestic fuel.  Burning of agricultural waste.  Developments in urban settlement.
  • 6. Sources type Category Examples Pollutants Dust producing Crushing ,Grinding Milling Road mix plants Grain elevators Mineral and organic particulates Combustion Fuel burning Motor vehicles Power plants Autos, buses & trucks Oxides of sulphur and nitrogen carbon monoxide, smoke ash Manufacturing processes Metallurgical plants Smelters, steel mills, aluminum refiners Metal fumes (lead, arsenic, zinc) Agricultural activities Crop spraying and dusting Pest and weed control Organic phosphates chlorinated hydrocarbons Solvents Spray painting inks Automobile assembly & Hydrocarbons and other organic Classification of air pollution sources and emissions
  • 7. Effects of air pollution Air pollution has both direct and indirect impact on :- Human body Animal life Plant kingdom Construction materials Climate Entire Ecosystem
  • 8. Effects of air pollution on human health Air is a fundamental element of human life as it makes breathing problems, pollutants enter into the human lungs through the following mechanisms:-
  • 9. Effect of air pollution on Plants The extent of injuries or damage of individual plants depends upon:- I. The nature and amount of pollutants II. Type of soil III. Relative humidity IV. Amount and type of plant food materials V. Stage of plant growth VI. Viability of plant the plant VII. Time of exposure and amount of light
  • 11. Control measures  To organize the air quality management.  To protect the human beings as well plants and animals life, and material from harmful effects.  Reducing the air pollution in highly polluted areas.  Retaining the existing air quality in areas currently less polluted.  Reducing the long range transport of air pollutants.
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