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  1. Health and Happiness Programs with the creative edge Be Well Be Happy 2. Mission Aikya is on a mission to spread health and happiness across the world. We work towards…
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  • 1. Health and Happiness Programs with the creative edge Be Well Be Happy
  • 2. Mission Aikya is on a mission to spread health and happiness across the world. We work towards the day every person has smiles galore and laughs freely. For that we strive every day to make each individual healthy and happy abundantly. Inception  Aikya in Sanskrit means identity, oneness, sameness, unity, harmony, identity of the human soul or universe with the divine. Yoga, literally means union, way, harnessing, discipline. Aikya Yoga has been created to harness the harmony and oneness within oneself by nourishing the mind, body and soul. In brotherhood with all other individuals and agencies who share our mission, About Aikya
  • 3. Health and Happiness Programs Try our innovative programs for a new lease of energy! Customised Programs are woven seamlessly into your content, specific requirements or to even further your messaging. There are also plug and play options. All Purpose Workshops, seminars, events, regular for long-term. Also, conference openers, energisers, to end the day on a high or break time fitness and happiness. Any Place Indoors or outdoors, in conference rooms, fitness centres, auditoriums or your work desk. Sessions can be brought to you everywhere. Engaging Transform your conference, meeting or entire workplace with engaging, innovative and stimulating programs. Anyone All age groups and fitness levels are catered to. Seniors, children and anyone in between. Transforming Build your happiness acumen for fast and lasting life change. Get the happiness advantage at your workplace, school or home.
  • 4. Program Elements The key program elements are: Yoga Practice yoga and pranayama techniques. Learn mudras and bandhas. Diet & Nutrition Role of diet & nutrition in overall health and wellbeing. Tricks of incorporating it in your everyday life. Laughter & Play Activate right brain activity. Reduce stress. Enhance emotional wellbeing, communication, performance and group dynamics. Mindfulness, Relaxation & Meditation Relax the mind. Increase focus. Relief from stress and anxiety. Enhance memory. Better sleep.
  • 5. Corporates The happiness and wellness quotient helps organisations boost productivity and performance, improve decision making, creativity and innovation, reduce absenteeism and have more fun! It accelerates the change process and builds in-team communication and cooperation, while reducing stress and other performance barriers. De-Stress and Creative Workshops Laughter-assisted workshops combine powerful de-stress with natural play to improve relationships, freedom to communicate and enhance creativity. Build a Super Team Laughter assisted workshops build teams that sizzle with energy and excitement Energisers Laughter-assisted 10-15 minute sessions to energise and refresh participants between long seminars, trainings or day to day work hours. Chair Yoga Chair yoga, seated breathing exercises and relaxation on your desk Total Fitness Select your level between gentle and power yoga Go Slow Gentle yoga, breathing exercises and relaxation The Happiness Blend Blend of all four elements. Starting from 90 min
  • 6. Benefits Stress reduction Promote peak performance and productivity Communication and leadership skills Enhance innovation and creativity Happy, healthy and energetic workforce Positive work environment Laugh through challenges Strength, stamina & flexibility Add a wellness program to your workplace Create a culture of wellness. A healthy and happy workforce is a productive workforce. Stress is an expensive threat to the balance sheet. Mindfulness is an antidote to stress. When people go home and they have had a stressful day, it influences their family. Well-being is a skill. Those minutes taken out of a day will more than pay back in terms of attention productivity and wellness, with fewer absences.
  • 7. Schools Emotional Intelligence leads to personal achievement, happiness, and professional success. The emotional quotient or EQ is largely connected with happiness intelligence and overall health. It is an equal contributor to personality development as is the Intelligence Quotient or IQ. Laugh, Play and Sing! Laugh, play, sing and chant vowels for all benefits Work it out Yoga workout, breathing exercises and relaxation Pixie Pot Pourri Blend of yoga, laughter & play, mindfulness exercises and relaxation. Starting from 60 min For Children Healthy Emotional Development Enhance Academic Performance Physical Stamina, Strength & Flexibility Develop Self Confidence, Communication & Leadership Abilities Enhance Creativity by right brain activation Stress Reduction Benefits
  • 8. Stress Buster Laughter, play and relaxation Fitness Select your level between gentle and power yoga Go Slow Gentle yoga, breathing exercises and relaxation Chair Yoga Chair yoga, seated breathing exercises and relaxation Pot Pourri Blend of all four elements. Starting from 90 min Stress reduction Creates emotional well-being Physical stamina, strength & flexibility Promotes peak performance and productivity Enhances creativity Builds team spirit Improves communication skills Benefits For Teachers
  • 9. Add a wellness program to your school Yoga can produce a calming effect, which helps children get into a frame of mind conducive to learning leading to better academic and extracurricular performance. Reduce stress and tension, dissipate excess energy, relieve tired- ness, lengthen attention span, improve physical health, sharpen concentration, enhance mental clarity and cultivate better interper- sonal relationships. Decrease hyperactivity and impulsivity, increased self-control leading to higher IQ scores, improved complex learning skills and increased spatial memory. Mindfulness techniques like yoga help to prevent teacher burnout and build resiliency. The same techniques used in the classroom could improve student behaviours.
  • 10. Individuals General Fitness Get those abs, tone up, build your strength, stamina and flexibility. Get mental calmness as an added bonus. Disease Based Remove the ailment from its root without any side effects. Weight Loss Equip yourself with abundant energy, boost in confidence and smaller waistline. Detox Take your energy ten notches up, add a glow on your face, rid your body of nasty toxins, lose some extra kilos, boost your immunity, stamina and achieve mental clarity. Happiness Coaching and the Art of being Stress Free One-on-one coaching program to build happiness acumen, reduce stress and build copious energy. Reduce stress and strengthen immunity Create emotional well-being Physical stamina, strength & flexibility Social connector Mood elevator Build brain power Benefits
  • 11. Aikya’s Core After working for more than a decade in IT & Media across continents, Ruchi decided to follow her heart and took the path of healing and Self discovery 6 years back. Always interested in ‘Reality', she discov- ered yoga and allied healing methods were her calling. Her aim is to use these traditional sciences in alliance with modern techniques and medical research to help bring relief from modern-day health & lifestyle disorders and to empower all to remain happy and healthy. Yoga Instructor, therapist Nature Cure Diet, nutrition and lifestyle management Laughter Yoga Teacher Laughter, play, dance, music Speaker Events, seminars Writer Wellness related articles Voice Over Artist & Actor Her skills include: Ruchi has a Diploma in Yoga Vidya, Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga and Laughter Yoga Teacher Certification.
  • 12. +91-9971705775 /aikyayog /aikyayoga
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