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  1. AIESEC FTU HCMC| 01.07.2013 – 30.06.2014 2. Criteria Score Achieved Material attached Quality Standards Check list made and followed 1 1 EP Buddy JD…
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  • 1. AIESEC FTU HCMC| 01.07.2013 – 30.06.2014
  • 2. Criteria Score Achieved Material attached Quality Standards Check list made and followed 1 1 EP Buddy JD defined and implemented 1 1 iSOS Service is implemented and used for all Eps 1 1 Insurance or Visa Partnership done or used 2 2 (newsletter) All cases addressed and closed with comments 2 2 OPS and CPS conducted for 90% Eps(Specify number of attendees) 2 OPS and CPS conducted 2 2 Reports 2 LEADs Organized 3 3 (engaged in OPS and CPS) At least 1 Newsletter sent for each engagement phase (4 newsletters) 3 3 Links Total 15 Here Here Here
  • 3. Event (OPS + LEAD) Welcome EP: Provide EP with information of program, process and XPP Smart matching day Training of email, application, interview… to ensure matching capacity
  • 4. Event (CPS + LEAD) Regional LEAD day: Training of personal goal setting, teamwork… Cultural preparation: Training of cross-cultural preparation, culture-shock…
  • 5. Newsletters link • Pre-raise: http://us3.campaign- • Raise2Match: http://us8.campaign- • Match2Realize: http://us3.campaign- • Realization: Malaysia: http://us3.campaign- India: http://us3.campaign-
  • 6. Criteria Score Achieved Note All forms on podio workspace have an allotted status 1 1 Click here Match 2 Realize App have 90% of EPs registered 3 3 Click here IR survey App to get details from LCs 3 0 oGCDP Partnerships app to save all partnerships done 3 3 Click here All EP Data from national ORS and OP is addressed 2 0 All Audits since january are filled completely on time 2 2 Completely filled the audit in March OGX Experience tracker updated 1 1 Updated in every national OGX meeting National OGX meeting attended(May and June) *1 1+1 2 +1 for each meeting attended Total 12
  • 7. Criteria Score Achieved Material attached All EPs needs to be updated in national search tool with relevant details 2 2 EP Searchtool is updated within 48 hours of new TNs/partnership announcement 1 1 Partnership Framework and co-delivery checklist is made between partnering entities 2 2 EP Profile generated for your LC and used 1 1 Total 6 Here Here
  • 8. Criteria Score Achieved Note 80% Eps matched through National Partnerships 8 0 10 out of 50 EPs match through national Partnership 80% attendance of representatives in matching manias and power hours 2 2 Attended all 12 matching manias and power hours SU and expansions achieve target promised 3 0 SUs did not achieved goal but still grow at least 30% each SU More than 90% of planned EPs realized (RE) 5 0 Achieved only 59% Goal according to OGX experience tracker but grow 45% compare to last year More than 90% of planned EPs Matched (MA) 5 5 Achieved 123% Goal according to OGX experience tracker and grow 56% compare to last year < 80% Raise target achieved as per plans 2 2 Achieved only 76% Goal according to OGX experience tracker but grow 37% compare to last year Total 9
  • 9. Criteria Score Achieved Material attached Issue Based Sub Product(Brand Packaging) promoted 1 1 90% stories generated from Winter peak 2 2 Stories collection 10 stories submitted for Showcasing Platform from LC 2 2 Innovative Posters and Message 2 2 Year Long Promotions conducted for registrations 2 2 (Our fanpage) Activeness on commission (Reply to mails/ Confirmations/ Sharing stories, experiences) 5 5 Innovations and Initiatives with results 5 5 Total 19 Here Here Here Here
  • 10. Global Citizen Posters and Messages:
  • 11. 1. Ensure matching efficiency: Smart matching day 2. Ensure quality of services: CEM map implementation 3. Ensure Leadership development for Eps: Development plan for EPs 4. Promotion event to convert more students and recognize returnees: •Cultural Exchange Day •StoriesVenture 5. Internal communication channel for EP
  • 12. 1. Ensure matching efficiency: Smart matching day In smart matching day, we aim to enhance our EP’s competitiveness in EP pool when they apply for projects. We invited our VP iGCDP and VP MarCom to deliver the sessions to help EP: - Make their application outstanding - Prepare for interview with TN managers - Utilize all channels to get a quick match Results:14/20 attendants of the event get “matched” in the next 2 weeks Event report:Here
  • 13. We have draft a CEM map and question list to find out touchpoints that Eps have negative feelings to remove the detracting factors. 2. Ensure quality of services: CEM map implementation 3. Ensure Leadership development for Eps: Development plan for EPs EP and buddy together will do a development plan so that EP has clear direction of development and we can ensure leadership experience through exchange. Collection: Here
  • 14. 4. Events: Cultural Exchange Day: Branding event for Global Citizen Program with a Global Village and small workshops (Result: AF: 40 – Ra: 9)
  • 15. StoriesVenture: Welcome and recognize returnees, this is the space where they can share their stories to others and to students interested in the program. 4. Events:
  • 16. 5. Internal communication channel for EP: We have several communication channels with Eps: - Newsletter: to inform important news and enhance engagement of EP with AIESEC generally - Matching guideline: In this channel we have: • Instruction to prepare EP with matching process • Updates and promote projects of LC partnership and MC partnership • Information package: VISA, Travelling, Countries culture … - Facebook group: to keep connection with Eps and enhance EP‘s connections, raise their spirit and give recognition to EPs
  • 17. Dear AIESEC FTU HCMC, Hey guys! I’m Nguyen Thi Kim Thuan and I’m spending my time in Indonesia now which means this is my exchanged trip. By writing this letter I want to send my deepest thank you to AIESEC FTU HCM and everyone who helped me to have this chance to come here, Indonesia, and enjoy this trip. […] At the present, I’m in Indonesia, which is not my expected destination but I learned to be flexible so choosing this country with a Health care project was my decision. This project is fuckin awesome as I have tons of friends living around me; the kids are so nice and lovely; no comment for the accommodation. By the way, I love this country except the traffic jam but I’m getting used to it, and I know it gonna be an easy thing to me. Once again, I cannot say my all of my time when I was in AIESEC was full of happy time but I have experienced, enjoyed and changed myself a lot. Day by day is full of challenges and I’m ready to face them. Thank you so much guys! Best regards, Nguyen Thi Kim Thuan July 2014
  • 18. [...] Within relatively short time, Shanghai has ameliorated my perspectives towards environment as well as my global prospect in such unexpectedly remarkable way. The first two weeks working as a real farmer at BioFarm is one of the most unique experiences I have ever been through in my life. As I learned how to and why we should do organic farming, I gradually felt the strong connection between human and nature, rekindling the forgotten attitude in me: respecting the environment. […] Shanghai was the place I met my incredible team: Green Power Now Shanghai 2014, Aiesec SJTU. Five interns from five different countries merging into the entire Aieser SJTU family have created the one and only Green Power Now family. It was Shanghai that gave us endless experiences which brought us closer to each other days by days. I was and always be proud of being a part of this culturally diverse family; together we overcame difficulties to reach mutual goals, together we created unfadable memories in; together we connected our countries. In Shanghai, I have found the most brilliant friends who are now my lifetime buddies. One again, thank you for completing me, Shanghai. Than Ho Lan Chi June 2014
  • 19. Summary Customer experience management Information management International Relations management Goal management Innovations and Initiatives Total: 15 12 6 9 19 61/100
  • 20. AIESEC FTU HCMC| 01.07.2013 – 30.06.2014
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