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  1. AIESEC ESKİŞEHİRIt’s only begInnIng We’re WaItIng for you! 2. Overview of TurkeyFull name: Republic of TurkeyPopulation: 72,561,312 (2009) `Area:…
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  • 1. AIESEC ESKİŞEHİRIt’s only begInnIng We’re WaItIng for you!
  • 2. Overview of TurkeyFull name: Republic of TurkeyPopulation: 72,561,312 (2009) `Area: 780,580 km²Capital: AnkaraLanguages: Turkish (official), EnglishReligions: Muslim (Sunni) - 99.8%,others (Christian, Jewish) - 0.2%. AIESEC in Turkey AIESEC has been presenting various opportunities to both students and thecompanies or NGOs in Turkey since 1954. It is the 15 th country joining theAIESEC world. AIESEC Turkey has now 11 local committes in 11 different cities;  Adana  Ankara  Antalya  Bursa  Denizli  East Mediterranean University (Northern Cyprus)  Eskisehir  Gaziantep  Istanbul  Izmir  Kocaeli AIESEC in Turkey each year provide internship opportunities approximately200 Turkish young people abroad and 300 foreign young people in Turkey. Hasapproximately 250 active members in these 11 Local Committees ; a very structureddetailed turnover each year in June. For the past 50 years, AIESEC in Turkeypositioned itself as a global student organization dealing with individual development,regional development and some other related issues with respect to the needs ofTurkish Youth.
  • 3. Let’s meet with ESKİŞEHİR History Eskişehir was founded in 1000 BC by Frigs at the banks of the PorsukRiver. The city is located at a major crossroad in Turkey. World wide famoushistorical personalities like Yunus Emre and Nasrettin Hoca (Hodja) was fromEskişehir. Eskişehir is also famous by meerschaum craftsmanship and hot springwaters which cures various diseases. Eskisehir is one of the oldest settlements (3500 BC) in this region. Itwas founded in the 3rd millenium BC by the Phrygians along the banks of thePorsuk River and its banks. The city has many places of interest; theArchaeological Museum which houses the Phrygian objects and sculptures; theOttoman House Museum which is a very fine example of the 19th century localarchitecture and has many local ethnographical items. There are three significanttombs around Eskisehir: the Sheik Edibali Tomb, the Kumbet Baba Tomb, and theCupola of Alemsah. The Phrygian Valley, the Falcon Fortress, the UnfinishedMonument, and the Gerdek Rock are other historical sites to visit. In Eskisehir youwill frequently see items made of meerschaum since this is the place where itoriginates You will see the best meerschaum stone works at the MeerschaumMuseum. The Rug and Seyitgazi Museums have many examples of different kindsof kilims and hand-knit and stockings.
  • 4. Education There are two universities in Eskişehir. These are the AnadoluUniversity and Eskişehir Osmangazi University. City’s large university studentpopulation makes it a place quite easy to communicate in English, although localolder generations may only speak Turkish. Also you may encounter youngsters withan ability to speak less widespread European languages such as German orFrench, though this is much less possible compared with English. Anadolu University was created in 1982 from the union of four existing higher education institutes in Eskişehir: the Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences of Eskişehir, the State Academy of Architecture and Engineering, the Institute of Education, and a medical school. As the Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences was founded earliest (in 1958). Eskişehir Osmangazi University(ESOGU) is a state University theorigin of which dates back to thefoundation of the Faculty of Medicine,the Faculty of Engineering andArchitecture and the Faculty ofLetters and Applied Sciences in1970. These pioneering facultiesbecame the founders of AnadoluUniversity in 1972.
  • 5. Geography As Eskişehir is located in the Central Anatolian Region, the dominant climateis terrestrial climate. The summer seasons passes hot and dry and the winterseasons passes cold and precipitant. Climate
  • 6. ADALAR (ISLANDS) Tea, coffee or a lunch break can be made at cafes and restaurants with a unique view to Porsuk creek, which makes the city alive. SHOPPING MALL Kanatli AVM and ESPARK AVM In the heart of the city there is a shopping mall smaller but very easy to reach.trams are passing frequently , you can find inside many nice and famousbrands and shops also there are few movies and fast food shops.Good for visitors.
  • 7. PORSUK RIVER Porsuk River offers nice sighseeing route for visitors of Eskisehir. Boats departfrom opposite of Migros Market. Tour takes 15 minutes and costs 1,50 TL. Duringthe tour you can see the streets and bridges. No audio guide system or guidedtour. Also there are private tours and gondola tours during summer. Sightseeingboat tour on Porsuk is a must do in Eskisehir. It is not unique but nice way toexplore city. There are about 20 bridges on the river of Porsuk. Those bridges arepainted in different colours and some have statues such as fishermans, lions etc.
  • 8. SCIENCE ARTS AND CULTURE PARK After touring Childrens dream world and horizons expanding Eskişehir’slargest park by train, a galleon (Pirate Ship) with a great importance in thehistory of maritime can also be visited. America has been discovered by such agalleon (SANTA MARIA). At the forefront of the fairy tale castle, constructed byinspiration from various towers in Turkey, water skiing can be made or optimisttraining can be taken in the artificial pond. (Park is reachable by public bus 17or by small buses in direction to Sazova district) ESBOT TOURSA boat tour can be made in reminiscent Venice channels of Porsuk creek orbeauties of Porsuk creek can be discovered with gondolas, which are made inEskisehir by the Metropolitan Municipality.
  • 9. KENTPARKPeople of Eskisehir and visitors can enjoy sea pleasure at the Mediterranean Coastsreminding famous beach of Kentpark. Another activity in the park is to participate inriding trainings and experience a ride on a horse at the manege. DEVRIM (REVOLUTION) CARThe first Turkish car Devrim, produced in 1961 with the instructions of PresidentCemal Gürsel and the efforts of Turkish engineers, can be seen in the factory(foundations laid in 1894) named TULOMSAS today.
  • 10. ODUNPAZARI (OLDTOWN) HOUSES There is an opportunity to witness history while wandering through the mostbeautiful examples of 19th Century architecture with meandering pathsand dead-endstreets, where adjacent HALLER YOUTH CENTER The former fresh fruit and vegetable wholesale building, established in 1930is restored and has a new style today. In this building people can make a tea -coffee break or taste the famous water pudding at cafes and fast food areas or atthe center of the Theater Salon of Tepebasi Stage.
  • 11. STATUES When you start to explore city you can see many statues in Eskisehir.Gossiping Ladies, deer, horses, pilot, snail, turtle, girl on dolphin, girl on a fish,nymph, fisherman, lion etc MEERSCHAUMWHAT IS MEERSCHAUM Meerschaum, contrary to popular belief,is not the fossilized remains of sea creatures, but a mineral:Hydrous Magnesium Silcate, it is found from 30 to 450 feetbelow the surface of the earth near the town of Eskişehir,Türkiye.WHY IS MEERSCHAUM USED FOR PIPES? Meerschaum’smagnesium content provides strength while the hydrogen andoxygen contribute porosity. As one of nature’s lightest and mostporous substances, Meerschaum is a natural filter. This naturalabsorbency causes the pipe to slowly change color, eventually turning rich browncolor.
  • 12. TRANSPORTATION BY TRAIN ***From Istanbul’s Asian station (Haydarpaşa), you can find several trains heading for either station every day (In fact, any pessenger train departing from Haydarpaşa, except the suburban trains and regional expresses which head for nearby Adapazarı, passes through and stops in Eskişehir). Price is 20 TL ( 15$ ). Unlikemany other examples in Turkey, rail travel between Istanbul and Eskişehir generallytakes the same or less time than bus travel (it takes between 4 and 6 hours,depending on the train).***Ankara is connected to the central station of Eskişehir by recently started highspeed train service (YHT) seven times a day (which takes 1h 20min and cost is20 TL), in addition to a wide number of conventional trains (which are mostlyheading for Istanbul, Izmir, or other cities to the west of Ankara via Eskişehir). BY BUS If you come to Istanbul Atatürk Aırport, you can use bus.It will be better thantrain. When you went to Istanbul Esenler busstation , you will find a lot of bus toEskişehir. Generaly we use İSMAİL AYAZbus company.Look at the picture We know all bus driver of that company.When you take that bus , we will contactwith bus driver.
  • 13. SOME NECESSARY WORDSYes ===================================== EvetNo ======================================= HayırHello ===================================== MerhabaPLease! =================================== Lütfen!Coin ==================================== ParaThank you =============================== Teşekkür ederimHow are you? ============================== Nasılsın?I’m Fine =================================== İyiyimWhat is your name? ========================= Adın ne?My name is … ============================== Benim adım …I don’t know Turkish ======================== Türkçe bilmiyorumGood morning ============================= GünaydınGood evening ============================== İyi akşamlarGood night ================================ İyi gecelerHow much is it?============================== Kac para? http://tureng.com/ or http://translate.google.com/# NUMBERS 1 One Bir 20 Twent Yirmi 2 Two İki 30 Thirty Otuz 3 Three üç 40 Forty Kırk 4 Four Dört 50 Fifty Elli 5 Five Beş 60 Sixty Atmış 6 Six Altı 70 Seventy Yetmiş 7 Seven Yedi 80 Eighty Seksen 8 Eight Sekiz 90 Ninety Doksan 9 Nine Dokuz 100 One hundred Yüz 10 Ten On 200 Two hundred İki yüz 11 Eleven On bir
  • 14. FOODS and DRINK Prices of Foods&Drinks TL € Bread 0,65 TL 0,30 € Coco-Cola (330 ml) 1,5 TL 0,67 € Milk (1 kg) 1,5 TL 0,67 € Chesee (1 kg) 11 TL 4,94 € Tost 2 TL 0,90 € Sandwich 2 TL 0,90 € Coffee (small cup) 3 TL 1,45 € Tea (small cup) 1 TL 0,42 € Tomatoes (1 kg) 2 TL 0,90 € Patatoes (1 kg) 1,75 TL 0,79 € Banana (1 kg) 4 TL 1,80 € Apple (1 kg) 2 TL 0,90 € Water (0,5 lt) 0,5 TL 0,22 € Soda (250 ml) 0,5 TL 0,22 € Meat (1 kg) 20 TL 9€ Chicken Wings (1 kg) 10 TL 4,50 € Spaghetti (one packet) 1,10 TL 0,49 € Frozen Pizza 12 TL 5,40 € Cigarette 5,5 TL 2,47 € Efes Beer (50CL) 5 TL 2,35 €Work Hours : Official places are closed on the weekends and after 17:00 on theweekdaysSTATE OFFICES 09.00-17.00 (Closed Saturday and Sunday)SHOPS 09.00-21.00 (Saturday and Sunday 10.00-22.00)Time Zone : Turkey is +02:00 GMT .
  • 15. CURRENCY 1 EUR = 2,52 TL 1 USD=1,75 TL http://www.convertworld.com/en/currency/Get familiar with Türkish Liras:
  • 16. Where is the AIESEC Eskişehir office ? Adress : İstiklal Mah. Şair Fuzuli Cad. Adalar Sok. 30/1 Tel : 0090 222 221 22 86
  • 17. LCP İSMAİL YAĞICI Phone : 0090 555 705 5226 Email : i.yagici@gmail.com Skype : i.yagici LCVPOGX LCVPICX-Co LCVPICX Non-Co KAAN KESKİN ÖMER DEMİRTAŞ ONUR YALDIZPhone : 0090 507 732 1533 0090 542 717 1514 0090 554 339 1544Email kaan.keskin.aiesec@gmail.com omerdemirtas1@gmail.com onuryaldiz@gmail.comSkype : ikaankeskin omer.aiesec onur_aiesec LCVPM LCVPTM LCVPF NAZAN BEKTAŞ EMİR ÖZKAN UTKU TEYİNPhone : 0090 535 653 0224 0090 555 589 2626 0090 506 782 3141Email : naznbkts@gmail.com emirozkann@gmail.com utkuteyin@gmail.comSkype : nznbkts emirozkann utkuteyin
  • 18. Check List*Inform us about all details of your arrival (dates, places, time, number of flight,information about bus you take)*Prepare for yorself list of important contacts – especially phone numbers (if forexample your phone discharge you can still contact with us)*some typical sweets or dishes*your National flag and all sort of presentation materials*if you take any sort of medicine, bring the prescription with you*if you wear glasses and contact lenses, also bring the prescription with you*your dictionary, from your language into English or into Russian*some recipes of your traditional dishes*Don’t forget about bringing valid Student Card
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