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  1. AIESEC Denmark | MC 0809 Newsletter AIESEC Denmark hot spots 1st edition | November 2008 Pocket recruitment suXess NOW Pocket recruitment is the EP recruitment cam-…
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  • 1. AIESEC Denmark | MC 0809 Newsletter AIESEC Denmark hot spots 1st edition | November 2008 Pocket recruitment suXess NOW Pocket recruitment is the EP recruitment cam- Success Now is the raising competition between all the paign that takes place right now in all the LC’s LC’s of AIESEC Denmark. With three weeks gone and in Denmark, having a s a target 51 EP raises two more to go the current standing are as follows: and involves 10 country partners (Poland, Egypt, Columbia, India, China, Romania, Tuni- LC's EP Raised TN Raised sia, CAS and UK)!!! AIESEC AAU 0 0 AIESEC ASB 0 0 So far, we have more than 20 applicants and a lot of mails coming up with questions at my- AIESEC CBS 3 0!!! Congratulations to all 2 AIESEC SDU 0 the LC that are excited and putting in a lot of 1 AIESEC UNI 0 effort to raise more and more EP's!!! AIESEC UNIC 1 0 Both CBS and SDU are having a tough competition at the top. Let’s see which LC wins it in the end. However the interesting thing to see is that none of the LC has MC 0809: Letzu, Abhijit, Dora, been able to raise any TN during this period, which is Morten and Prateek something all LC’s should strongly focus upon. Also if any LC has not uploaded their recent EP/TN raises on, please do that ASAP so that those statis- “It's hard to lead a tics can be included in the competition. For more details cavalry charge if you please refer to wiki of suXess now on! think you look funny on a horse.” Adlai Stevenson Exchange Statistics External assessment Headlights: AIESEC Denmark hot spots During November For the first time in the last five years AIESEC in DE- Updates and December MARK has grown over 100% in number of exchanges 2008 each LC will Conferences & Opportunities in Q4, followed by 80% growth in Q3. The result came participate in the as a big milestone for the entire AIESEC in DENMARK External Assess- LC’s on stage especially after constant decline in the number of ex- ment for students, MC life changes over the past few years. However the overrid- meaning running ing commitment and efforts of all the members of AIE- minimum 80 ques- Importantissimo SEC in Denmark have surpassed all expectations. AIE- tionnaires in each SEC in DENMARK needs two more realizations to University achieve the overall 100 % since 1 July 2008. amongst non AIE- SEC students. After the data is compiled, it will be used for better preparing the Recruitment in spring! The questionnaires came from AIESEC International and you can find more information about this on “AIESEC Denmark Communica- tion & IM” wiki.
  • 2. ER & Funds Updates The activity has increased a lot, from market segmentation to call outs and a lot of meetings!!! In the past days, there were more than 10 meetings at companies like Nycredit, Exchange Wirtek, Job Supply Denmark or DSV, having as main rea- All the LC's are busy son TN raising! raising EP's and TN's. Also, a new campaign of writing funds has started! The list All the LC's specially of foundations is being updated and more applications will Exchange and SR func- be sent in! tional team are busy with Pocket Recruit- ment, whereas the ER's Finance & IM & Communication MCP corner are busy with raising as The finance people present at Citius took the commitment during the Nordic The next BoD (Board of Directors, many TN's as possible. Circle to meet in Aarhus for work and party during a weekend. As this is not comprised of the LCP’s in Denmark) Also on the National possible this year, we will work virtually to create the Finance Manual with meeting will happen in December, front the MC is busy serious regulations regarding money expenditure and finance responsibili- along with an early BoT meeting coordinating Microsoft ties! (Board of Trustees, comprised of account and follow-up On IM mainly transition happened, and now the action plan is to be created. alumni AIESEC Denmark). The meet- on the country partner- ings have mainly legislative and organ- A new wiki has been created in order to facilitate the communication on this ships from IC to be area! Check it out, it’s called “AIESEC Denmark Communication & IM”!!! izational strategic management pur- more efficient with the Regarding communication, we launched the campaign “1st for Activating pose! exchange delivery. In December will be also launched the Leadership”! The internal assessment already happened and we know how The results have im- MC 09/10 applications!!! So, if you our members perceive AIESEC, why did they enter our organization and proved drastically com- want to be MCP, MCVP ER, MCVP why are they still here. A report regarding this you can download from the pared to the last year. TM&SR, MCVP X&PJ or MCVP F&IM same wiki mentioned above. Next, we are going to run external assessment Hope this upward trend of AIESEC Denmark, stay tuned for campaigns amongst our stakeholders to see how AIESEC is perceived so would continue for the the applications, but use wisely your far. After that, we’ll develop the customized strategies in order to make AIE- rest of the year! time to discuss with people that might SEC Denmark the first choice for Activating Leadership and International help you achieve what you want! Opportunities! Conferences and Opportunities WeGrow is the annual WENA conference specifically for LC EBs and OCPs. The purpose is to provide education & training ALTIUS is the first national conference on the GN focus areas, and bring the Pro- in 2009, gathering all the leaders in AIE- ject Managers from different AIESEC coun- SEC Denmark for 3 days of intense tries together in order to facilitate country learning. Beside the agenda, during this cooperation around the issues being pur- conference the MC 09/10 will be sued in these projects. This year WeGrow elected!!! If you want to be there, you took place in Malta, and AIESEC Denmark basically have three options: one, to CITIUS conference was the first AIESEC Denmark had 1 representative as facilitator (Prateek come as delegate, second, to apply for conference for the 0809 term that gathered almost Agarwal, MCVP Exchange & Projects) and the MC and third… to be part of the 120 delegates. The conference had several tracks 13 delegates!!! It was a challenging confer- OC!!! The application for OCP is out!!! accordingly to the stages of the AIESEC Experi- ence, with a lot of learning but also fun, in Fill in the application from [from AIESEC ence, so the participants could get the most out of a splendid location! Denmark wiki] and send it to it! It took place in Nyborg, and it was the first mo-!!! ment when the MC 0809 met the whole country and had the occasion to celebrate during Official Dinner. A lot of thanks and congratulations to the OC of Check the “WENA | Internal Opportunities” wiki and subscribe to it!!! There is where all Citius, lead by Astrid la Cour Bennedsen, our beau- the hot things are announced!!! So, if interested in knowing more about conferences tiful OCP! Nonetheless, the MC wants to thank all happening, facilitating opportunities, participation as delegate, being OC or go for an the delegates for their involvement during the con- international internship around the world – just subscribe and stay tuned!!! ference and wish to see them all at Altius 2009!
  • 3. LC’s on stage!!! AAU Impressive activities! ER call-outs and training, wiki’s updates, Finance task-force, Pocket recruitment running, 13 EP applicants already!!! Want to know more about this bunch of wolves doing amazing job? Read the AAU newsletter!!! Already at the third edition! ASB Intense class presentations activity and info meetings for Pocket Recruitment!!! Also, the TN raising goes pretty well as there are a lot of meetings established! Also, there will be elections for the finance position in the EB next week, so the ones interested should apply and give it a try! CBS CBS is one of the lucky 5 LC’s in WENA that will be coached on exchange by Anula, WENA Exchange Coordinator!!! They already had a meeting in Malta, during WeGrow, and the next one will happen during February 2009 in London! Also, CBS will start Pocket Recruitment next week, while running an intense TN raising campaign!!! SDU Is preparing for a new round of elections!!! If you want to join SDU’s EB, feel free to check SDU’s wiki to find out more about how to do this! SDU is one of the strongest LC’s in Denmark, and their plan of activities suggests they will keep up the good job!!! UNI AIESEC UNI has finished their promotion for the Pocket Recruitment last week and right now they are prepared to collect the application before they run the SRB’s for the Pocket Recruitment. The LC has one of the strongest EB culture in the country and have shown a lot of activities in the recent times! UNIC AIESEC UNIC just finished their promotion for Pocket Recruitment and celebrated it with a nice EB pajama party!!! The LC is slowly and steadily picking up the pace again after a drastic and eventful start in July. Their enthusiasm and determination to achieve high results is quite exceptional and inspiring!!! Good luck UNIC! Importantissimo Wiki's to be subscribed to MC Life AIESEC International AIESEC International wiki contentid=10011645 AIESEC International Weekly Newsletter [on NEWS!!!] http:// Random stuff GN wiki’s Letzu and Tabs, but mostly Letzu, are in an intense “office beautifica- Western Europe and North America Growth Network wiki tion” taskforce!!! We have new posters that motivate us more to reach “200% growth” this quarter! Thank you guys!!! The MC went for a road trip and a Tiesto concert in Stockholm… and WENA Internal Opportunities what can you expect from a bunch of crazy people with big ambi- tions? IMAGINE!!! it was fun and relaxing, but what matters the most is that the MC is more united as a team and full of energy for hard WENA Exchange work! Letzu is leaving us for a week for a TMU meeting in Rotterdam. What is Talent Management Unit? The Global Support team on Talent AIESEC in Scandinavia Management (big WOW), in charge of coaching countries on devel- Scandinavian cooperation wiki oping Talent Management system and their implementation globally! Fool of the week competition National wiki’s Every Monday morning meeting, we declare one/two/…/five fools of AIESEC Denmark wiki the week out of the MC members. How does it work? We nominate Ex- people; give reasons why and than vote for the fool of the week. It’s change, External Relations, Talent Management, Finance and Com- really fun, the fool of the week’s name appears in the minutes, but the munication & IM wiki [and more/the links are on the AIESEC Denmark reasons are to remain confidential!!! The MC member who gets the wiki] fool of the month award buys one breakfast for the rest!!!
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