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  1. GCDPINTERNSHIP BOOKLET SUMMER 2012 2. Business Development DJ1 Develop the NGO profile. The NGO is still launching itself in the market and it needs a…
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  • 2. Business Development DJ1 Develop the NGO profile. The NGO is still launching itself in the market and it needs a profile to define its mission, vision, objectives...etc DJ2 High rate of development is needed for the NGO and a strategic development plan needs to be set by the intern DJ3 Writing NGO needed documents, for example: proposals. Work on the sustainability report of the NGO and sustaining the last interns work in the reports.Make a Difference (MAD) is a program run by DJ4 Setting a marketing strategy for the NGO toAIESEC aims of developing NGOs through broaden its activities and publicityincoming trainees. Many of the world’s problems DJ5 Selling the NGOs products. Looking forcould be solved by people simply helping each beneficial partnerships with other corporate andother. non-corporate sector.The project MAD seeks to increase and Marketingencourage volunteerism within Egypt. DJ1 The Intern will be responsible to conductThe idea behind M.A.D is to bridge the gap extensive market research on Egypts touristicbetween countries and attains peace and sites through the use of internet and different tours provided by the company.fulfillment of human kinds potential in different DJ2 The intern will be responsible of acquaintingways. himself/ herself with the current state of tourism in Egypt and come up with effective ways andSo the project mainly entails raising internships ideas of implementation if order it improve the field of Development and hosting trainees DJ3 The intern will be responsible to work otherwith relevant skills and expertise to bring about interns in order to come up with ideas for athe required changeover the NGOs to add fresh promotional campaign for the company tothinking from different mind sets. On the other implement it in order to attract more tourists tohand, students interested in going on come to internships in the field of DJ4 The intern will assist in implementing thedevelopment would be recruited to enable them promotional campaign in order to market forto have enriched experiences in development Egypt as a major tourist destination.issues to be able to impact NGOs in their homecountry when they get back". Cultural awareness and personal development The intern will be responsible for teaching languages and skills such as leadership, entrepreneurship and social responsibility for the NGO public and also implementing social initiatives run by the NGO as well as taking the role of a cultural ambassador and working with kids and orphanages Duration: 6 weeks to 3 months Place: Alexandria, Egypt Who can participate: All the students and recent graduates (max 2 years) of business administration or bachelor of master programs.
  • 3. FUND RAISING ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS: Fundraising activities create awareness among youth that they are a part of a community and that this position entails a certain amount ofOUR VISION: Is a society where responsibility...It also teachesno one dies of lung cancer…to them to appreciate what theymake our society totally aware of have and to understand that theylung cancer, its actual causes and have the ability even from ahow to protect ourselves from it. young age to help others.Our vision is to uniteALEXANDRIA in one movement to We will be having a series ofend lung cancer now. fundraising events and activities to help engage youth more andMission: The mission of MAP is to to create awareness in a positivehave a meaningful and and persuasive way!!!persuasive impact on improvingthe understanding of LUNGCANCER and made aware ofimportant immunizations andregular checkups. Thats why wewill be approaching schools, clubsand different NGOs. WORKSHOPS AND SESSIONS IN SCHOOLS:The program will be working allyear round to create Approaching schools in Alexandriacircumstances that promote, where students will stimulateprotect health and prevent estimate and describe the impact ofspread of different diseases in different factors on lungs and thatour society. will be done through sessions, workshops and experiments conducted by interns. Also will be responsible of conducting surveys for knowing the reason behind smoking at a very young age.
  • 4. THINK GREEN: This phase we will work with schools by giving sessions, trainings and workshops to students in order to start actual recycling process in the school by offering several solutions, As well as working with NGOs in parallel where the interns will help planning to initiate Think green project in their NGOs so that a joint project will be held afterwards. Schools:About the project: 1-Four interns will be participating in schools for 1 week.AIESEC is constructing one of the 2-During this week the interns will be responsible to spread the idea of recyclingmost rapidly growing projects of through sessions and workshops to the target agethe year 2009-2010. This year, the 3-The sessions and workshops will be mainly about the importance of recyclingLocal Chapter of Alexandria is and how we can easily sustain our environments through different applicableorganizing THINK GREEN. solutions.The purpose of Think Green is to 4-The interns will be responsible to hold a meeting with the principle to come uptackle one of the biggest issues the with plans for the recycling campaign in the school.environment faces as well as to getthe students and employees in 5-Interns will be in contact with AIESEC to make sure that Veolia will be responsible for collecting the recyclable materials.most of Alexandria’s campuses toconcern for saving the wealth of 6-Our measure of success for this week is that all the students and teachers will beour environment. ready for a recycling campaign that we wish to start right after this campaign.The Think green initiative will begin NGOs:by spreading out recycling bins in a 1-A group of 3 or 4 interns will work for 6 weeks with a specific NGO like Alphanumber of Alexandria’s campuses, Leo, Rotaract and EMSA to implement think green project in their NGOstaring with AAST-Miami, AASTABOKEIR, and ALEXANDRIA 2-This will be done by coordinating with think green team leader in the NGO andUNIVERSITY along with the events the president in terms of teaching them Think green projectthat will help give a boost to and 3-Will give sessions to the members about certain skills that will help themsmooth the progress of using the implementing the project like project management and salesbins. 4-Will be coordinating with think green team in AIESEC Alexandria (includingOur vision interns) to make sure that we are on the same track. 5-Interns will attend three meetings/week minimum 1 with the members,1 with“Assure that the coming the board and 1 with Think green team in AIESEC.generations are aware about 6-Our measure of success as the moment the interns will leave the NGOs will berecycling and all the problems our ready to work with AIESEC Alexandria in think green project to impact moreenvironment is facing, not only that people.but helping the students livediversity by sharing differentthoughts with different peoplefrom different countries andcultures which will lead to newbeneficial learning environment”
  • 5. EXPLORE THE NEW EGYPT…. THIS SUMMER With WHERE IT ALL BEGINS…“Where It All Begins” is a new project initiated by AIESEC Alexandria, A lot oftourists started viewing Egypt as an unsafe place for a vacation…where it all begins wasinitiated to promote Egypt, especially Alexandria in a very special and unique way.WHAT IS THE PROJECT ALL ABOUT?  Interns first take a number of sessions (Photographic sessions, Photoshop sessions, historic sessions and creativity session) by professional photographers.  Then they will apply this knowledge through going to the touristic places and taking pictures there, then when going back home, use their Photoshop to make pictures look more attractive.  Then interns will go on a FREE study tour around Egypt to the touristic places, take pictures and write articles.  After that interns will be asked to write article about places they have been to in their languages and in English to be published in AIESEC magazine that will be distributed throughout Alexandria and also they will be preparing a booklet for Egypt.So check out the amazing places you maygo in Egypt!!!!
  • 6. CAIRO-THE VIBRANT CAPITAL OF EGYPTMost often Cairo is the starting point of a traditional Egypt tour. It is the city ofthousand minarets, teeming life and full of attractions.Luxor-Ancient temples overloadBecause of a high concentration of ancient monuments near Luxor and Aswan allAncient Egypt tourists visit here. The many attractions of Luxor are a must see.Aswan-Egypts southern most city
  • 7. ALEXANDRIA-The Mediterranean Metropole: The city of AlexaTheThe city of Alexandria, Egypt is one of the largest and most populated in Egypt and has apopulation of more than four million. Situated along the Mediterranean Sea, the city isalso the largest seaport in Alexandria.Alexandria is a popular destination for cruise line passengers arriving at the AlexandriaPort and having 12 hours to 2 days time for sightseeing in Egypt.The major attractions of Alexandria are Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Quaitbey citadel,Alexandria national Museum and Montaza gardens.
  • 8. My adventure in Egypt-written byDarija petropoljacHave you ever heard of Egypt? Do you really know whatEgypt truly is? Of course when you ask someone thesequestions most of the people would say it’s one of the oldestcivilizations in the world, the country of the Pyramids, thepharaohs and the Nile – the longest river in the world.Although these facts attracted me the most when I decided tocome to Egypt to do my internship with AIESEC Alexandria,Egypt turned out to have another side that I didn’t know about.Firstly, I would like to point out that I have already been in Egypt six yearsago as a tourist. Many things have changed since then and I still can’tbelieve that I am living in Alexandria.After six hours and two planes, I was finally in Cairo, the capital of Egyptand of the largest capitals in the world. Two guys picked me up at theairport and my adventure started. The first thing I noticed in Cairo andAlexandria later is the traffic jam. I already knew that but what I saw on thestreets was amazing. Too many cars, no real tracks because the only goal isto fill in the empty space. To point out, not only traffic isn’t predictable,but also driving because drivers never know what and whom to expect infront of their cars. Crazy, isn’t it? Even though they drive in this way, thereare not many accidents. Secondly, I couldn’t help but notice the clothesamong women and girls. What I found out is that girls must cover theirbody just in some situations. Honestly, I didn’t believe it since I visitedsome places and saw it with my own eyes. They were wearing shortdresses and their shoulders were uncovered at different kind of parties,touristic places, private beaches, etc. All in all, women decide whether tocover their bodies or not. Some of them wear long black dresses andgloves and you can only see their eyes. On the other hand, there arewomen who cover their bodies and hair with the veil and there are manyof them who don’t wear veil. As you can notice, there are somedifferences and that depends on how religious they are. And the mostimportant fact – I didn’t expect this kind of hospitality at all. Egyptiansare really nice, kind, helpful and they smile even they have someproblems. Once I was trying to take a cab with my friend. We had anaddress written in English, but the taxi driver couldn’t read it. In thatmoment some woman stopped her car, called us, read the address andtold us how to pronounce it. Also, she told us that if she had enough time
  • 9. she would take us there. In the end she gave us her phonenumber in case she needs to speak Arabic with a taxi driver. Whenwe found the place, I texted her and she told me that I can call herif I need anything. Honestly, we were amazed and happy that wemet such a kind person. According to that, I feel like I am in myown country because people always rush to help you and doanything just to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.There is no point in writing about Egypt if I don’t say somethingreligion – Islam. Islam is one the strongest religion in the world that makes a strong bond among all Muslims. When it comes to that, I would like to say few words about Ramadan – the Holly month in all Islam countries. It started on the first of August, but the date changes every year. During this month, there are many decorations and lamps on the streets and balconies. When I saw it for the first time, I thought it’s the New Year. During this holiday, people don’t eat, drink and smoke from sunrise to sunset. It’s really exhausting, especially in summer. You probably wonder how they cantake it. The point is that they start fasting approximately at age ofseven, some of them even earlier. One of the most important factsis that Muslims pray for five times a day and it’s obligatoryduring Ramadan. Muezzin calls them for a pray and they can doit in any place, it doesn’t have to be a mosque. After sunset, it’stime for Iftar or breakfast because that’s their first meal. Peopleusually spend that time with their families, relatives and friends.This month keeps them together and strengthens their relationship. All in all, Egypt is a beautiful country with great history and one of the most hospital people I have ever met. No matter if you are coming to Egypt as a tourist, an intern or something else, you will see many great places, find out interesting things, make new friends and want to come here again. I can assure you in that, because I am already thinking about my next visit to this lovely country. Come and see Egypt – where it all begins.
  • 10. AIESEC in Alexandria AIESEC in Alexandria focuses on many issues in order to develop the youth. Issues vary from Entrepreneurship, Volunteerism, to Banking, which we call Projects. Each project tackles a specific topic that concerns the Egyptian youth. We aim to inform the youth about these topics through projects. Projects involve sessions given by professionals from the corporate sector. In other words, projects can be described as a compressed learning course that helps develop youths’ knowledge, teamwork, discussions, and communication skills. “We are famous as the city of projects as well as having the best servicing team”I had the opportunity this summer to spend 1,5month in Alexandria, Egypt, working in the project“Where It All Begins”, on the promotion of tourismof Alexandria and then on the promotion of the holeEgypt. I was working daily with 6 people in order tocreate a touristic guide including all the beautifulsecrets of Alexandria. I attended professional photoshooting seminars and I learned to capture everymoment, I wrote articles about my experience andwith my team we were responsible to promote theproject in our external environment. It was one ofthe best, most creative, different, full of challenges and unforgettable experiences of my life… Maria Koumoukeli, 20
  • 11. OFCOURSE YOU DO…. DON’T YOU WANT TO The land that gave WITNESS THATbirth to the first greatcivilization needs little AMAZING SUNSET BYintroduction. The THE PYRAMIDS!!!pyramids, the minarets,the Nile – the scope ofEgypt is magnificent. Visitors are surprisedto discover that thoselegendary pyramids aremerely the tip of thearchaeological iceberg.Pharaonic nations,ancient Greeks,Romans, Christians and AND ON THEArab dynasties have all OTHER SIDEplayed their part in OF THEfashioning Egypt’s CONTRYembarrassment of ENJOY Aarchitectural wealth. BEACH LIKEVideo about Egypt THIS..... For more info about EgyptFor more details It’s just the perfect time to be in Egypt!!!
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