Accreditation of firms for public works

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  Go(p) no 339 2015-fin dated 07-08-2015
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  • 1. GOVERNMENT OF KERALA Abstract Finance Department —Selection & Accreditation of Agencies for execution of public works-revised -orders issued- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINANCE (INDUSTRIES & PUBLIC WORKS - B) DEPARTMENT G.O.(P) No.339/2015/Fin. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 07.08.2015 Read 1) G.O.(P) No.311/14/Fin dated 30.07.2014 G.O(Ms) No. 423/14/Fin dated 26.09.2014 G.O.(P) No.11/15/Fin dated 08.01.2015 Minutes of the meeting of the Selection Committee held on 26.03.2015 G.O(Ms)No.137/15/Fin dated17.4.2015 ORDER Government in the order read as l paper above have issued revised guidelines for selection of accredited agencies for execution of public works. As per the reference read as 2 n1 paper above, a Selection Committee headed by the Secretary (Finance Expenditure) with the Chief Technical Examiner, Chief Engineer (Buildings) and Professor and Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram as members was constituted to advise the Government in selection and accredittion of agencies to be authorized to execute Public works and other related matters. 2. As per Government Order read as 3" paper above, it was ordered that Agencies seeking accreditation from Government shall submit their application in the prescribed proforma along with testimonials for the evaluation of the selection committee. Accordingly the Selection Committee
  • 2. 2 considered all the applications received till 15 June 2015 and evaluated their technical expertise, experience in the field and the availability of Infrastructural facilities vide reference third cited. Based on the recommendations of the Selection Committee Government are pleased to issue the following guidelines for execution of public works. i) Hereafter various agencies as detailed in the annexure to this Government Order alone will be authorised to execute public works as per the details specified therein. ii)The CPWD being a Government of India department executing civil works is exempted from the purview of Government Order read as first paper above. iii) The Central Government PSUs requiring accreditation shall follow either CPWD or KPWD Manuals. iv)The District Nirmithi Kendras can be entrusted with the execution of public works up to Rs 3crores for a period of one year subject to the following conditions; - a)The Technical sanction shall be given by a Committee with District Collector as Chairman,one Technical Member from District Nirmithi Kendra and ,Executive Engineer from PWD/Irrigation/LSGD as members. b)PWD Manual and other guidelines issued by Government in this regard should be scrupulously followed. c) Quantity of works in hand at a time shall not exceed Rs. 10 crores. v) Special Purpose Vehicles under Government of Kerala shall be exempted from the selection procedure specified in the Government Order read as V' above .Their area of activities shall be confined to the specific purpose for which they are constituted.
  • 3. 3 3.Administrative Department shall adopt a fair and competitive procedure for selecting an accredited agency from those enlisted in the annexure based on technical requirements,centage charges etc. 4.All other conditions stipulated in the Government Order read as 1 paper above will continue to be in force except those mentioned above. By Order of the Governor Dr. K. M. ABRAHAM Additional Chief Secretary (Finance) To The Accountant General (A&E) Kerala, Thiruvanathapuram The Accountant General (G&SSA) Kerala, Thiruvanathapuram The Accountant General (E&RSA) Kerala, Thiruvanathapuram All Heads of Departments and Offices All Departments of Secretariat All Private Secretaries to Ministers Private Secretary to Chief Minister Private Secretary to the Leader of Opposition All Secretaries to Government The Registrar, High Court of Kerala p The Secretary, Kerala Human Rights Commission, Thiruvananthapuram The Secretary to Governor The Nodal Officer, Stock file/Office Copy Forwarded By Order. Section Officer
  • 4. Annexure List of Accredited Agencies SI Name of System Period Area of Maximu Maxim no agency followed of accreditation m um accred value of work in itation single hand at In work that a time years can be (Rs in entrusted crores) (Rs in crores) I KSCC PWD 5 General works 25 150 2 Labour PWD 5 General works 25 250lUralunkal Contract Co-operative -Society (ULCCS) 3 KSHB PWD 5 Building works 25 400 4 1 KITCO Ltd PWD 5 General works 25 250 S PWD 5 Roads/Bridges! Fly 25 250JR-BDCK over works 6 Kerala Coastal Area PWD 5 Building works in 25 250 Development Corporation Fisheries sector and coastal areas 7 KSEB PWD 5 Power project type works 25 100 S Kerala state Nirmithi PWD I For cost effective 10 250 -Kendra construction works 9 PWD I Electro-mechanical 10 50IKEL works 10 INKEL PWD I Industrial land 10 ISO1 development works Ii KPHCC PWD I Building works 10 ISO 12 KLDC PWD I Land development 10 150 type works 13 Steel Industrials Kerala PWD I For steel structure, 10 150 Ltd (SILK) electro mechanical works 14 Hindustan Prefab Ltd PWD/CPWD 5 Building works 25 150 15 TILL Life Care Limited PWD/CPWD 5 Building works 25 250 16 Habitat PWD/Alternate best I Cost effective works 10 250 practice 17 COSTFORD PWD/Alternate best I Low cost type works 10 50 practice I
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