A Year in the Loop

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  1. A Year in the Loop Friends for Life Anaheim 2016 @jasoncalabrese 2. ● You could be notified of a Low or High before it happened ● More time was spent in range and…
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  • 1. A Year in the Loop Friends for Life Anaheim 2016 @jasoncalabrese
  • 2. ● You could be notified of a Low or High before it happened ● More time was spent in range and lower A1C’s became normal ● Communication between everyone providing care was optimized ● All your DData was analyzed in real-time, and customized notifications and alarms were reliably pushed to all your devices A year ago, we started this session with What if… ~ ✓ ✓ ✓ How did we do? ● Over 100 Loopers from all around the world, 3 Open Source APs integrated with Nightscout, open hardware designed/produced, and more +
  • 3. The Year of the Loopers One Year Ago Less than a month later Andrew starts looping What will this look like next year?
  • 4. Last year this was the state of #OpenAPS and Nightscout integration It’s doing something, results look good, but hard to understand exactly what is going on
  • 5. The current state of #OpenAPS and Nightscout integration Temp basal visualization Eating soon Temp Target Rendering multiple OpenAPS forecasts OpenAPS and Pump status
  • 6. with Urchin all that information is available on your pebble Easily customized, with the colors, and information you want
  • 7. AndroidAPS A modular Android based AP, currently works with the DannaR pump.
  • 8. Loop An iOS based AP that uses the RileyLink as a bridge to communicate with older Medtronic pump
  • 9. Open Hardware: RileyLink, Explorer, RiledUp
  • 10. Living with #OpenAPS and Nightscout
  • 11. Sleep It’s possible again
  • 12. Our 1st cub scout camping trip with OpenAPS With extra activity, only minimal boluses are needed
  • 13. Taking #OpenAPS is school School district required it to be in the physician's orders, after seeing the results our Dr agrees to update the orders
  • 14. Can you get all that stuff on a plane? Yes!
  • 15. Real-time pump monitoring enables more independence, bolus uploaded automatically
  • 16. Net IOB: Bolus IOB, adjusted for the effect of higher and lower temp basals
  • 17. Temporary Targets: Hints for your loop Prevent a low from planned activity: set a higher target Prepare for a meal: set a lower target
  • 18. Eating Soon Mode ● A lower target 30-60 minutes before a meal ● Have “some” active insulin before meal ● Bolus at meal time, instead of a pre-bolus ● If you decide not to eat, a low temp should bring you back to normal target https://diyps.org/2016/07/11/picture-this-how-to-do-eating-soon-mode/
  • 19. From the first decision to the Pizza Test
  • 20. If Nightscout data is used to control your loop, you need access controls
  • 21. Multiple rigs for redundancy: indy-e1, indy-e2, indy-e3, indy-e4, indy2 (pi)
  • 22. Support for multiple active cgm sources overlap Share, xdrip, parakeet, etc
  • 23. Why are you Waiting?
  • 24. A Year in the Loop Friends for Life Anaheim 2016 @jasoncalabrese
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