5 characteristics that defines the best e commerce portal

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  1. 5 Characteristics that Define the Best eCommerce Portals Loginworks Software’s 2. Ecommerce is on an unprecedented boom in our country and all over the world. Every…
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  • 1. 5 Characteristics that Define the Best eCommerce Portals Loginworks Software’s
  • 2. Ecommerce is on an unprecedented boom in our country and all over the world. Every day, businessmen are waking up to the fact that maintaining a website is much easier and has many more advantages than maintaining a physical store. It is cheaper, for a start, and has a lot lesser hassles to it. It offers unparalleled value for money and return on investment. However, it is not all hunky-dory for eCommerce websites. Demand, after all, is limited and the supply is ever-growing, thanks to a large number of ecommerce portals opening every year. Not all of them live to see the light of the day and only a handful go on to become an Amazon, a Flipkart or eBay. Here we underline the five characteristics that all eCommerce portals must have in order to even give the biggies a run for their money. Loginworks Software’s
  • 3. Responsive Web Design Responsive web design means the website should adapt to the screen of the device it is being browsed upon. Nowadays, PCs and laptops are not the only way people visit website. According to a recent study, most of the searches and browsing is done on mobile. There are also a number of other devices like tablets, phablets (a phone and tablet hybrid), and smart phones. In order to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience, you make sure that your eCommerce store is fully responsive. Loginworks Software’s
  • 4. Mobile Website or Mobile App If you can invest in a dedicated mobile website or a mobile application, then it is even better than having a responsive website. This is because a mobile website is designed specifically for handheld devices, and therefore the functionality provided gives way to the best user experience possible. A mobile application is also a great idea, but it should ideally be for all major operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You probably need only one of the two – either a mobile website or a mobile app – but having both is not a bad idea either in case you can afford it. Look for the best mobile website design services that suit your budget and also has experienced workforce to do the job for you. Loginworks Software’s
  • 5. Suitable Technology Finding the right technology to build your ecommerce portal is as important a choice as deciding to start one in the first place. You should always look for a scalable platform, because that will help you tremendously if your website really takes off. There are many frameworks of PHP that build good ecommerce portals. For smaller websites, one can look into Pinnacle Cart or Drupal and Ubercart. However, the undisputed leader in this category would be Magento. If it suits your budget, you would need to look no further and beyond. Loginworks Software’s
  • 6. Strong Backend The backend matters just as much, if not more, than the front end. You must ensure that your website has all safety measures in place and is not vulnerable to threats and attack. You must also ensure that there is enough traffic handling capacity and that your website does not so down every time there is a humongous amount of traffic, as in the case of new product launches or hot deals. Loginworks Software’s
  • 7. Regular Maintenance Take regular feedback from users and act upon it. You need to listen to your customers in order to have them return to your website again and again. Each and every day, you must strive for better design, better user interface, better browsing and navigation, and better backend support for your eCommerce portal. Loginworks Software’s
  • 8. Thanks, Loginworks.com provides the most advanced solutions for ecommerce portals, in order to help your online shop become an online success. Contact us for responsive web design and mobile website design services, and for technology consulting to make the most of the web. Loginworks Software’s
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